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The Advantage Board

Where great minds meet. This simple concept is the foundation of Honeycomb Worldwide Inc. and all its ventures, helping industry leaders interact physically and virtually.

Honeycomb Connect is a provider of the highest value of executive-to-executive (e2e) networking available today—in print, in person and online.

Membership includes customized web meeting content in small focus groups of like-minded senior-level executives, an information hub with member directories, daily news and features, and an annual conference to expand relationships.

Xtalks provides a forum for the world's top thinkers to present their views and promote discussion. By leveraging the best of Internet and telecom technology, Xtalks reinvents traditional information models by delivering breaking issues and analysis while adding a high level of interactivity to create a mutual mindshare.

Xtalks brings the collective intellect of the world to your desktop.

The Advantage Board helps companies recognize and incentivize outstanding employees, aid in their leadership development and foster executive networking throughout world class corporations!

The Advantage Board is the first program to give Human Resource professionals strategic input into the direction and growth of the company’s leadership to bring out the best from the best.

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